Bitcoinz USA Releases Open Letter To Greece Minister of Finance

Date: 04.03.2015 | [email protected] | Open Letters

Yanis Varoufakis

Minister of Finance

Hellenic Republic

Old Royal Palace

2 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue

Athens, 10021

Subject: Bitcoin adoption in Greece

March 04, 2015

Dear Minister Varoufakis;

It’s my pleasure to write to you today in order to encourage you to consider the adoption of Bitcoin as a mechanism to stimulate economic growth in your country. To continue, It’s our belief at Bitcoinz USA that the adoption of crypto currencies specifically Bitcoin can achieve a tremendous amount of success in countries such as Greece.

Moreover, Bitcoin as a secondary currency can easily encourage the overseas buying and selling of goods and services, sustained travel and tourism growth and economic growth as a secondary currency. The equipment upgrades needed to process Bitcoin payments is a small cost in the grand scheme of things.

Over the past year, the number of merchants accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services has grown aggressively worldwide. The movement for Bitcoin adoption is showing no signs of slowing down. Additionally, we also understand that recent security issues revolving around certain Bitcoin exchanges have casted a negative shadow around Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

However, in conclusion that’s all changing now. Over the past year Bitcoinz USA has taken great strides to help people protect their Bitcoin with Vault 51, a secure offline storage for Bitcoin. Bitcoinz USA can help Greece in its adoption, accumulation, and protection of Bitcoin once Greece is ready for it.

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