Bitcoinz USA was established with the objective of becoming the leader of the most scalable, manageable and compliant Bitcoin automated exchange network in North America. The recent securities issues that have plauged the Bitcoin eco-system brought huge awarness on the vulnerabilities that currently exisit with crypto currencies.

However, the Bitcoinz USA management team  believes that these growing pains were for the best. As new regulations, and new measures to protect one’s portfolio of Bitcoins begin to emerge, these changes and developments will help to maintain continued and sustained growth in the Bitcoin eco-system.

As a result, the company has developed a offline storage system for Bitcoin users, which is represented by a Physical Bitcoin. The electronic Bitcoin is stored off-line in a secured computer chip known as Vault 51 and embedded in a Physical Bitcoin which is not connected to the internet. This is also known as cold storage and is done to avoid hacking, loss, or theft.