Q: Why use BitCoinz USA The Vault 51 over other storage systems?
A: Safety. BitCoinzUsa The Vault 51 system is kept in a large highly secure encrypted private server only activated with a 5 key system.
Q: How many BitCoin’s can I Purchase /Sell at one time?
A: To remain totally anonymous we have a current limit of 2 per day which requires no ID. Should you decide to provide use with your compete ID as required by federal law, we would be happy to sell you as many Bitcoin’s as you like.


Q: Can I buy only part of a Bitcoin?
A: Due to the complexity of our Vault system, at this time we only due transactions of minimum of one Bitcoin. 
Q; Time to Cash back in a Bitcoin from the Vault?
A: Calculate 3 Business days for a reimbursement. However, Once a Buy/Sell order is executed the rate is locked on the date and time of execution.
Q: How do I know my coins are safe in The Vault 51?
A: The parent company Bayside is a 30 year old USA corporation. Your Coins in our Vault 51 is as safe as using a 30 year old private USA bank. 
Q: How often is the BitcoinzUsa Vault 51 Exchange rate updated?
A: The Vault price index is updated every minute on a 24hr giving our clients the most accurate price available. 
Q: If I execute a buy or sell order during non-regular business hours, will this be processed?
A: Yes it will be recorded on our automated system and rate will be locked at time of execution. 
Q: How do I reach you?
A: Unlike those other companies that work offshore we offer a live  number Toll Free: 1-877-235-7729 that is open 9am-5pm EST. to answer all your concerns and questions.


Q: Can I purchase coins over the phone?

A: At this time all orders must be processed through our  on section of our web site :www.bitcoinzusa.com